What is the DJ game?

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What is the game?

Skillz: The DJ Game is an exciting new music & rhythm game which explores the fast-paced, high-energy world of dance music. Players take to the stage to spin the freshest sounds out there, as they perform to packed out crowds at exciting venues around the world.

What Platforms?

iOS & Android tablet devices, and PC.
Where can I buy it?

How to play it?

Tutorial videos coming soon!
Joypad support?
The PC version supports the Xbox 360 controller for windows.

Freemode Recording (PC Version Only)

Recorded files will be located in the following directories:

For Windows 7 / Vista users – C:/Users/{username/skillz/records/
For Windows XP users – C:/Documents and Settings/{username}/skillz/records/

Freemode Uploading (PC Version Only)

  1. In order to upload your own music files into Skillz, you need to copy the files into the following directories:
    For Windows 7 / Vista users – C:/Users/{username/skillz/songs/
    For Windows XP users – C:/Documents and Settings/{username}/skillz/songs/
  2. Inside the game’s main menu, go to ‘My Crate’, and it will detect any music files which have not yet been uploaded from the user folder.
  3. Press “OK” and it will start analyzing your music files.
  4. When the analysis is complete, you can modify the BPM value (beats-per-minute) and then start mixing with the imported music files in the ‘Freestyle Mode’!

Freemode manual BPM Calc (PC Version Only)

  1. After uploading your music files into Skillz, you can also adjust the BPM manually, by adjusting the start offset and the BPM manual in the my crate after uploaded the song
  2. You can adjust the upload song at any time, by going to the ‘My Crate’ interface (within the main menu) and entering the BPM of the music files you have already uploaded.

Data location (PC Version Only)

All data file will be located in your user home directory:
For Windows 7 / Vista users – C:/Users/{username}/skillz
For Windows XP users – C:/Documents and Settings/{username}/skillz/

DJ Battle – Port forwarding guide (PC Version Only)

  1. Open the port both 6388 and 6889 forward to your PC to enable the DJ battle via network connection
  2. If you have windows firewall enabled, go to control panel and open the both ports for the network connection.

4-channel headphone setting guide (for previewing / cueing tracks in free mode) (PC Version Only)

  1. Set up your PC with 4-channel speaker setting.To use speakers and headphones simultaneously, you need a sound card with at least 4 channels; this way allows you to plug in, for example, speakers on FRONT channels and headphones on REAR channels.

    Control Panel-> Hardware & Sound -> Playback (Select “Speakers” – then hit “Configure”) -> Within Configuration Menu, change your speaker configuration to “Quadraphonic”.

  2. Connect your headphones to the rear channels for previewing
  3. In the freestyle mode, Hold <W> key and <Up> / <Down> arrow keys to switch the preview settings for headphones (if stereo split is supported i.e. 4-channel audio inputs and settings are enabled).