Swords and Souls Lost Children

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Developed by Soulgame Studio, Swords and Souls is known as one of the most exciting fighting games in its community. Indeed, if you’re waiting for something like this, you won’t be disappointed when enjoying it. Moreover, lots of fantastic secrets can blow you away.

As you know, Swords and Souls offers different versions to play. And today, we want to talk about Swords and Souls Lost Children that is attracting thousands of gamers from all over the world.

But, before going further into this cool game, you should follow us to learn more about Swords and Souls.

What do you know about Swords and Souls?

This fun mini-game is all about defense, accuracy, strength, and dodge. By enjoying it, you can get points to make your character stronger so that he might withstand challenges. Besides, don’t forget to complete a system of basic skills to improve the character better.

It’s necessary to own a house that needs to be upgraded by availing the currency that you can acquire in the battle. Or you can improve the attribute of the house by selling other EXPs or gold that you can get in the fight either.

When playing Swords and Souls, you need to turn a new fighter into a champion. Make sure to work with a special doll in the area of training to sharpen the skills in fighting. And remember to open the treasure boxes after every victory in order to receive new weapons, shields, and abilities.

How about Swords and Souls Lost Children?

In Swords and Souls Lost Children, your primary task is to look for 13 lost kids. As a newbie, you have no idea of where they are for sure. That’s why you need to follow us to find out their locations in this game.

  • First of all, you need to search for two first children on the map.
  • Then find a kid behind the board “Select a battle” when entering the arena.
  • After that, you can catch another child behind the board “Battle 1 – The Newbies.”
  • Next, visit the shop to find one more child on the left corner of the roof.
  • Later, enter the training room to see another kid behind the swords. Meanwhile, one more kid is behind the hero.
  • Continue visiting the museum and find three next children here. One is hiding on the ceiling of the statues room, another is in the right corner of the screen, and the last one is at the deepest corner of the armory room.
  • Lastly, come back your home and then catch three remaining kids. One is on the flower pot, another is behind the windmill, and the last one is behind the barrel.

Remember to take note all carefully so that you can find all the 13 lost children successfully. Good luck to you!