How to Beat the Lich King Hearthstone?

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We know why you’re here, fans of Hearthstone!

You’re wondering how to beat the Lich King Hearthstone, aren’t you?

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We will mention all the possible ways to help you get rid of the final boss of the Knights of the Frozen Throne adventure in Hearthstone right now. As long as you follow us from the beginning to end, you’re guaranteed to get a BIG victory soon.

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A glance at the Lich King battle

The Lich King begins with 30 life and 30 armor, and his starting hero power calls 2/2 Ghouls at first. On the 7th turn, he always plays the Special Frostmourne and calls six 2/6 Trapped Souls to make him invulnerable.

When he performs the Forstmourne, all his minions will disappear, and they only return as the weapon is destroyed.

To ruin the Special Frostmourne, you MUST take down all six Trapped Souls. However, you need to prepare for stage three before carrying out as well. It’s because when you kill them all, the Lich King will acquirethe final power that can deliver intensifying damages to you.

That means you have to end this game as fast as possible.

Basic strategies

Since you have different classes in Hearthstone, beating the Lich King is also changeable (we will explain in the next part).

But before, you should consult two basic strategies to get a good start.

  • Try to rush the Lich King down before he starts playing the Forstmourne.
  • Quickly execute the Trapped Souls and crush the King out with higher value.

Note that Budget decks tend to give an easier time to rush the King down, mainly by playing lots of Murlocs and Vicious Fledging.

And most of the Murlocs are cheap neutral cards. That’s why using them DOES work for some classes.

How to beat the Lich King Hearthstone for each class?


how to beat the lich king hearthstone

With this class, we highly recommend playing as many Jade Druid packages as possible. The key cards include Jade Idol, Innervate, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, and Wild Growth. But, don’t forget to add Mire Keeper, Jade Blossom, Nourish and minions like Jade Spirit and Jade Behemoth to create a BIG extra.

Besides, remember to use Swipe to prevent against the Lich King’s minions and Spreading Plague to oppose the Trapped Souls and buy more time. And try to fill the remaining part of your deck with soon-to-be-eliminated three-cost minions to weaken it and enhance the odds of drawing what you want.

Now, let’s guide you on how to kill the Lich King when playing as Druid!

Start summoning the first Jade Idol and then shuffle with the second one. Later, protect with Swipe, use Spreading Plague to purchase time for Gadgetzan Auctioneer and go nuts with Jade Idol and other spells again. Lastly, load your deck with Jade Idol and create a board of huge Jades before removing the last Trapped Soul.


Having many minions to make Hunters’ work well is known as a possible reason to cause you to lose in the first turn.

But, don’t worry too much because you can ask for Mr. Molten Giant’s support, Scavenging Hyena to move things along, and Sunfury Protector to overcome a massive wall. Especially, if owning enough Alleycats, you can trade into the Lich King’s minions.

One more necessary thing is that you also need serious luck to finish this battle as quickly as possible.


how to beat the lich king hearthstone 2

Using Rogue to face up to the Lich King is rather simple.

All you just do is to place a basic list of useful minions, create smart trades, and a mulligan for a good curve. Brian Kibler’s Rogue list is also a great starting point, though some pricey cards such as N’Zoth and Vilespine Slayer are not necessary.

In case you want to splurge, remember to spring for Doomsayers to counteract the Trapped Souls, or Kel’Thuzad will lock you in the late game. And don’t mind including some spells like Counterfeit Coin or Hallucinate.


Start keeping tempo with the Warlock’s multitude of removal spells and get as many demons as possible at the same time.

Voidcaller is quite helpful here because he might call out some big guns in case he gets taken down. And make sure you still avail Doomsayer on the 7th turn. But, if it isn’t in-hand, you need to wait things out a turn and then perform Twisting Nether. Relying on that, things will become hairy and continue preparing Reno Jackson.

Additionally, don’t forget to use Mal’Ganis because his appearance helps the Warlock receive no damages from the King’s Remorseless Winter power. It temporarily prevents the doomsday clock, though the damage created by the power still enhances.


how to beat the lich king hearthstone 3

If you think that choosing the Warrior helps you finish the task effectively, you’re wrong, my friends.

No matter how well you play, this class always gives a problem. So, how to beat the Lich King Hearthstone?

The first way is to build a Patron Warrior deck. Then combine with an Armorsmith to maintain you in the game and a Frothing Berserker to deal 30 damages and gain 7 armor. However, you should be careful since the Lich King can kill you instantly if losing the Frothing Berserker or Patrons.

The second way is to use Kel’Thuzad and provoke minions. Start creating a deck that can run two cards and Brawl until reaching phase two. Continue using Brawl to decrease the Lich King’s board to one Trapped Soul. Later, play Kel’ and a Public Defender. Especially, don’t forget to avail cards like Dead Man’s Hand to stop your deck from hitting fatigue.

All in all, your must own Kel’sThuzad, Brawl, and Public Defender before reaching the 7th turn. Or it’s hard to win.


The Mage is described as one of the most challenging classes because the Lich King can lower its HP at the beginning. That’s why you need a particular plan before starting.

At first, you shouldapply the Molten Giant strategy that was planned for Warlock and Hunter. Then add some Duplicates to increase your constant stream of free Molten Giants.

The next thing is to combine Counterspell and Kabal Lackey to oppose the first turn life reduction. Besides, you can connectKabal Lackey and Mana Bind to lower the King’s heath. Lastly, you have to run an ordinaryExodia Mage build and kill the King with an endless stream of fireballs.


how to beat the lich king hearthstone 4

Amongst the nine classes, the Priest offers the easiest fights when facing up to the Lich King. This class comes with removal tools that the King can’t stand up to them.

Let’s use Barnes and Shadow Essence to show big bodies like Rage Unbound, Ysera, Y’Shaarj or Obsidian Statue! In case they die, remember to bring them back with Eternal Servitude or Resurrect, where they can receive full stats again. In particular, Ysera spells are excellent for removing the board and settling presence.

Just make sure to pack Shadow Word: Honor as it might create quick work of the Lick King’s Trapped Souls and make his weapon go in the blink of an eye.


It can be said that the Paladin offer the toughest challenge in Hearthstone.

It’s because the Lich King can use an effect to allow him to control any minion that dies on your side of the battleground. This makes you meet difficult when controlling the board and your own minions. Even, the King might acquire your control of horsemen and fight against you.

However, we will guide you on how to beat him.

At first, you need to use buff spells to get value out of your minions and prevent the Lich King from controlling them. Then avail Doomsayer liberally to create an offense. Or play cards to deal damage to the board in order to increase the damage and clear the rest of the Lich King’s minions.


The plan here is to flood the board with totems and tokens, transfer the threats away, and complete with Bloodlust. It’s best to search for cards as Firefly and Primalfin Totem, strengthen with Flametongue Totem, and defense them with Maelstrom Portal and Jade Claws. Besides, you can use Murlocs along with the Devilsaur Egg and Nerubia Egg.

Final verdict

how to beat the lich king hearthstone 5

And that’s our guide on how to beat the Lich King Hearthstone, guys.

No matter which class you’re going to choose, we’re sure you will gain the final win. As long as you read all carefully before performing.

And don’t forget to share with us your results afterward or if you have any query, please send them to us! We’d love to help you.