Doom 3 Console Commands and some helpful tips for newbie

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Doom 3 is a horror, survival, and shooting video game which was proclaimed by Activision and developed by ID Software. Up to now, the game has been sold above 3.5 million copies, marking a successful product of ID Software. In this article, we would like to give several main Doom 3 Console commands with the aim of helping the players approach this game easier.

doom 3 console commands

In the Excavation Site level, you affix the left wall after coming to Hell. Trying to stay your left position. Then you come to a dead end and see the ID logo on the brick at the middle. Press that brick to open the left wall. Enter into the room behind the open wall to get the ID software PDA.

  • Super Turkey Puncher 3:

Before ‘all hell breaks loose’ you have to go out and look for the kitchen when beginning the game. In the corner of the kitchen, there is an arcade game which contains the Doom character’s face. He will keep his face like that when you hit the turkey. Try to gain greater than 25000 scores to receive an email on your PDA.

  • Nightmare difficulty without finishing the game:

You are asked to fix the DoomConfig.file in /Data/Base folder. Remember to back up the file if you want to change anything. Open the file by text editor such as Notepad and find “g_nightmare”. In case you have not completed the game yet, the number zero will occur, you have to change it to one, click “save” to unlock the nightmare mode.

  • Skip beginning objectives:

Before entering the game, you need to kill yourself by jumping out of the platform. Then “restart” to begin the game in the elevator, get to the Comm with full ammo, flashlight, shotguns, etc.

doom 3 console commands 2

  • Classic codes:

In the console, you will click “idkfa”, “iddqd”, “idfa”, “idclip”, and “idchoppers” to receive the message relating to Classic code. This is the simplest command towards other Doom 3 console commands.

  • Colors:

To add colors in your character’s names and savegames. Let’s go step by step. Type “^” only to change the cursor’s color before setting the player’s name.

  • Multiplayer: Doom 3 console commands cheat

Pressing Ctrl + Alt + (tilde) to open the console, and then click Num Pad keys to provide command

Press 0 “Great Game”
Press 1 “Cancel”
Press 2 “Pull Back!”
Press 3 “Prepare for Attack”
Press 4 “Grab the Armour”
Press 5 “Cover”
Press 6 “Over Here”
Press 7 “Attack”
Press 8 “Move”
Press 9 “Take That”
Press / (Backslash) “Died”
Press * (Asterisk) “Hack”
Press . (Period) “It’s Sucked”
exec mp_vchat Activates the cheat.

  • Cabinet Lock Codes – one of the hard-to-remember command compared to Doom 3 console commands:

298 21D
627 CPU Lab A
463 Level 3 Access
584 Mars City Armory
0508 Martian Buddies 1 and 2
826 Monorail Airlock
734 Plasma Storage
931 Security Chief Door
725 Storage 07
842 Valve 1 Terminal
734 Weapons Storage 1 and 2
396 #001
483 #003
752 #009
586 #013
347 #017
531 #023
409 #038
102 #039
123 #047
123 #048
123 #049
246 #054
142 #054 (second)
972 #063
651 #064
364 #078
364 #079
259 #103
579 #104
538 #112
715 #114
972 #116
624 #116 (second)
624 #117
371 #213
298 #215
624 #216
624 #217
841 #317
836 #386
836 #387
571 #452
372 #666
468 #669

  • Console commands: a list of complicated Doom 3 console commands:

Use Ctrl + Alt + (tilde) in the single-player mode:

clearlights Turn off all lights
clear Delete console text
kill Commit suicide
com_showfps 1 Draws your Framerate.
freeze Freeze all
benchmark Game Benchmark
give weapon_shotgun Shotgun
give weapon_rocketlauncher give weapons, launch rocket
give weapon_flashlight Gives Flashlight
give all Full ammo, health, and armor for all weapons
give keys All keys
give berserk Berserk mode
give weapon_bfg BFG
give weapon_chaingun Chaingun
give weapon_chainsaw Chainsaw
give pda Gives PDAs/disks of your level.
give armor Gives 125 armor
give weapon_machinegun Machine gun
give ammo Max Ammo
give health Max Health
give weapon_plasmagun Plasmagun
god God Mode
set g_dragEntity 1 Grabs objects/bodies and fire
gfxinfo Graphics card information
notarget Become invisible to most enemies
killmoveables Kill moving enemies
killragdolls Kill non-moving enemies
killmonsters Kills all monsters
listmonsters List of monster’s pic
listlightdefs Lists def file settings
editor Open map editor
quit Quit
Com_Fixedtic -1 Cancel 60 FPS Limit
aviDemo Saves a demo of your playing in AVI movie file
idkfa Private message
say <message> Send messages to everybody in multi-player mode
r_brightness <#> Set brightness level
r_gamma <0-3> Set gamma level
spawn monster_zombie_morgue Spawns the similar zombie in the hospital.
com_allowconsole 1 Use ~ to open the console instead of alt+ctrl+~.
g_showprojectilepct 1 Command hit % to HUD
s_showlevelmeter 1 Command sound level
g_nightmare 1 Open Nightmare Mode
noclip Pass through solid things
g_showplayershadow 1 See your shadow in single-player mode.
status Game status
pm_crouchspeed ### Defines the speed when crouching.
pm_runspeed ### Defines the speed when running/sprinting.
pm_walkspeed ### Defines the speed you are when walking.
pm_noclipspeed ### Defines the speed when moving with the “noclip” code.
pm_jumpheight ### Defines the height you jump.
pm_thirdperson 0 3rd Person Perspective OFF
pm_thirdperson 1 3rd Person Perspective ON
testlight Offer a light to see clearer

  • Test Maps:

Press Alt + Ctrl +…

map testmaps/test_box Simple room
map testmaps/test_boxstack Tall room + domino boxes
map testmaps/test_lotsaimps Big room + enemies


  • The Third-Person Mode Doom 3 console commands:

Press Ctrl + Alt + (Tilde)

pm_thirdPersonAngle “Value” Your character is viewed in third-person with a front view of 180.
pm_thirdPersonRange “Value” Change the camera distance from the 3rd person. 0 is a face view, 80 is default.
pm_thirdPersonHeight “Value” Change the view height from the 3rd person. Negative numbers are below normal.
pm_thirdpersondeath 1 Play as the third person with the crosshair, HUD, etc.


  • Spawn monsters: It is also the top hard-to-remember Doom 3 console commands:

Use ctrl + alt + (Tilde) to spawn a…

spawn monster_demon_imp Imp
spawn monster_zombie_jumpsuit Jumpsuit zombie
spawn monster_demon_maggot Maggot
spawn monster_demon_mancubus Mancubus
spawn monster_zombie_maint_flashlight “Yellow Jacket” zombie with a flashlight and without jaw
spawn monster_zombie_maint_wrench “Yellow Jacket” zombie with a spanner and without jaw
spawn monster_demon_pinky Pinky
spawn monster_zombie_suit_neckstump No-head suit zombie
spawn monster_demon_tick Tick
spawn monster_demon_trite Trite
spawn monster_demon_wraith Wraith monster
spawn monster_zombie_tshirt_blown Zombie with nearly the same as the one in the hospital
spawn monster_boss_cyberdemon Cyberdemon
spawn monster_boss_guardian Guardian
spawn monster_boss_guardian_seeker Guardian’s Seeker
spawn monster_boss_sabaoth Sabaoth
spawn monster_boss_vagary Vagory
spawn monster_zombie_maint_nojaw “Yellow Jacket” zombie without jaw
spawn monster_zombie_maint2 Entirely black “Yellow Jacket” zombie
spawn monster_zombie_fat2 Fat zombie with his bowel
spawn monster_zombie_fat_wrench Fat2 zombie holding a spanner
spawn monster_demon_hellknight HellKnight
spawn monster_demon_revenant Revenant
spawn monster_zombie_maint_skinny Skinny “Yellow Jacket” zombie
spawn monster_zombie_suit_skinny Skinny Suit zombie
spawn monster_zombie_skinny Skinny zombie
spawn monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouth Suit bloody mouth zombie
spawn monster_demon_archvile Archvile
spawn monster_zombie_maint_bald Bald “Yellow Jacket” zombie
spawn monster_zombie_tshirt_bald Spawns a similar Bald zombie in the hospital
spawn monster_zombie_sawyer Chainsaw zombie
spawn monster_demon_cherub Cherub