Best Adventure Games of All Time

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How do you know about a good adventure game?

It introduces the soul of point-and-click basis and connects puzzle elements together with narrative storytelling in order to convey contents that arerelating to the brain than emotional. Actually, this kind of game has bloomed thanks to a concentrate on character and story. Wonderfully, the characters can get by via thinking or talking instead of fighting.

And below is our list of the best adventure games of all time that you shouldn’t miss for any reason. Read them and then pick up the one you like most.

7 best adventure games ever

Life is Strange

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment and released in 2015, Life is Strange has become one of the biggest surprises in the gaming community. It boats momentous choices, an expressive and nice-looking graphics engine, and a completely original setting.

This game talks about a photography, named Max Caulfield. She has a special ability to rewind the time, right on the edge of a disaster on her town. But, the drama truly comes from her relationship with Chloe and how hard they can reconnect.

You have to decide a series of choices from easy to hard, and sometimes, these selections make you experience different feelings.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods requires you to deal with lots of issues such as dysfunctional families, joblessness, economics, death, escapism, societal pressure, etc. But, the interesting thing is it happens in a good-natured and whimsical way and guarantees things never become helpless.

The main character is an anthropomorphic cat, called Mae Borowski. After dropping out of college, she starts exploring her hometown and re-establishing friendships. That means you won’t see any bosses to defeat, coins to collect or any danger to overcome.

Everything you should do is to talk to friends, choose different paths, songs, and help her aware of the shrinking world in this game.

Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle is described as a great combination between adventure and puzzle games.It’s the ultimate puzzle-box with three characters in past, present and future worlds. And each action that you perform is affecting the other.

When the game develops, the lively graphics makes the surrounding larger. Moreover, a big cast of recurring and crazy characters across the past to future ensures a series of new things to be found.

Samorost 3

Amongst the best adventure games, Samorost 3 is known as a surreal exploration that is completely dialogue-free. It strikes just the right balance between awesomely bizarre looks, clever puzzle design, and fine cuteness.

This game tells about an alien gnome living with his dog on a planet. Once a day, he found a mysterious flute and discovered the origins of the Universe.

Aside from pointing and clicking, don’t forget to read the plot carefully since it’s critical so that you can finish the task. With atmospheric and warm visual, shockingly excellent puzzles, and lovely audio, you might feel you’re Alice in Wonderland. Though it’s in space and you’re a gnome, not a girl.

Grim Fandango

The main playground of Grim Fandango is in the Mexican Land of the Dead, where everybody is a demon or skeleton. Meanwhile, the recent deceased have to get rid of any crimes before starting a tricky four-year journey to enter the Ninth Underworld.

Your main character in this game is Manny Calavera, who needs to save Mercedes Colomar. Aside from supporting him in dealing with the often-obtuse puzzles, you also recognize that his trip is all about redemption and love.

The Walking Dead: Season 1

With only six episodes, The Walking Dead: Season 1 is a short yet appealing game. Right after its launch in 2012, this game has become a show with real dramatic tension and weight. Moreover, your favorite scenes of this season are here.

Since dialogue and choices pop up on screen with timers, you need to be quick to choose exactly what you’re going to say and do. The most interesting thing is that you can turn the plot depending on your selection and the character might survive longer or scenes might play out differently.

Stories Untold

The last name of the best adventure games is Stories Untold, developed by No Code and released in 2017. If you prefer the pleasing click of mechanical keyboards, the unexpected appearance of a stranger standing right you in an empty house or the magnetic whirs and buzz, this is your excellent choice.

This cool game boasts 4 episodes of sci-fi horror where your main interactions are focused surrounding a set of old hardware. As it develops, you soon discover the room surrounding you and the adventure becomes clearer and clearer.

Moreover, each following level has its own twist on the background, making it the most mysterious and unique gaming out there.


With 7 best adventure games of all time, can you pick up the one you want to play first? Just enjoy any game you want and don’t forget to share us your comments! Be fun, guys!