10 Best Adventure Games for Android You Should Not Miss

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It’s hard to say NO to the excitement of adventure games, especially on touchdevices.

And whenever entering the Google Play, we believe that you’re confused about tons of available games. But, stop worrying since we’re here to introduce 10 best adventure games for Android.

Be ready to discover them? Here we are!

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Take a glance at 10 best adventure games for Android


Swordigois a platformer-adventure game where you need to overcome levels, deal with puzzles, and eliminate bad guys. It highlights customizable controls, multiple locations to discover, nice graphics, and different magic and gear.

Although this game is a little more traditional, it is a tad short like indie games. And if you play well, you can spend two weeks on completing the task perfectly.

Rusty Lake (Cube Escape) series

In order to discover what’s truly happening between 1964 and 1981, you need to deal with each puzzle in Rusty Lake (Cube Escape) series.

Of course, its mechanics are rather simple and the puzzles will progress depending on different levels. Since it’s technically an escape game, that means you take more time on solving the puzzles to find the truth.

Pokémon GO

When it comes to the best adventure games for Android, it will be a BIG mistake if missing Pokémon GO.

This ambitious adventure game brings you to the real world, find and catch Pokémon. Moreover, you can join battles at Gyms, loot the Poke Stops, and so on. What’s more, it does ask you to visit places on your own and enjoy the game in these areas.

Although some might call Pokémon GO lame, it’s truly fun when you see other people and team up with them.

The Frostrune

A familiar point-and-clickadventure game of The Frostruneintroduces a fun storyline with Norse and Viking themes.

You’re allowed to discover a random settlement with signals of a recent panic such as burial mounds, ancient runes, etc. Besides, this game features puzzles together historically and culturally accurate information.

Ninja Arashi

Here is another decent adventure-platformer, Ninja Arashi. As its name suggests, your character is a ninja and your main task is to save a ninja’s son from the bad guys. With 45 levels and simple mechanics, try your best to finish all successfully.

As a newbie to mobile games, you might meet some troubles at first. But, these challenges happen in a good way rather than a bad and frustrating one.

Telltale Games Collection

Telltale Games boast a vast number of episodic adventures and all are great to enjoy.

Now, there are 7 games in their list with more upcoming ones play such as The Walking Dead Seasons 1, 2, and 3, Minecraft Story Mode, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, Batman, and Tales from the Borderlands. And each game allows you to enjoy the first episode free while the other ones are in-app purchases.

So, no matter what you prefer to enjoy first, these cool adventure games feature awesome puzzles with fleshed out storylines and fine graphics.

Monument Valley 1 and 2

Whether you pick up Monument Valley 1 or 2, they are the most popular and best adventure games for Android available on the Google Play.

There are multiple levels and each is a challenging puzzle. While playing, you are treated to an optical illusion, a casual but fun story, and a compatible experience through two games. But, note that you need to pay a small fee to enjoy this game on your touch devices.

Doom and Destiny Advanced

If you want to play a JRPG style game, don’t miss Doom and Destiny Advanced, where you can establish a party of adventures and fight against monsters to save the world.

The most interesting thing is that this game isn’t too serious since it gives humorous and quirky dialogue. Aside from a fun story to enjoy, this cool game highlights lots of great storylines, 15 classes of characters, 22 outfits, 150 fantastic powers, 500 places to discover, and so on.

Especially, there is an online play supported for both PVP and co-op so that you can enjoy online with or against your friends.


In Crashlands, you will role-play a space trucker, named Flux, and begins with your first crash onto a strange planet.

Then, continue performing the main request including building yourself a base, retrieving your cargo, attacking bad guys, and save the world, of course. With lots of adventure elements such as combat, crafting, or RPG-style character, you should master creatures to fight for your side.

Rockstar Games (six games)

It can be said that Rockstar offers a group of fantastic adventure games.

Now, there are two mobile Grand Theft Auto titles, three Grand Theft Auto ports, and Bully. If you want to face up with crimes, the GTA games are perfect. Meanwhile, Bully is all about high school.

No matter which game you choose, let’s prepare yourself to discover an open world with a great storyline to follow and some side quests to perform. Although the controls are a bit frustrating, they work rather well.

Final Verdict

After reading all 10 best adventure games for Android, be quick to select one and savor now. Since each brings you different experiences, don’t miss a chance to discover all. And remember to share us which game you love most.

Play and have fun, guys!